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Herbal Performance Booster with Extra Gold

Formulated with Swarna Bhasma, increases testosterone levels and performance


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Key Benefits - Herbal Performance Booster

Non-hormonal male power & performance booster

Helps with blood circulation and vasodilation

Boosts endogenous testosterone

Increases libido, acts as a natural aphrodisiac

Swarna Bhasma improves semen quality

Rich with antioxidants that help with erection issues

Key Ingredients

About Sukham Herbal Performance Booster

Sukham Herbal Performance Booster is a focussed nutraceutical specifically designed by experts to cure the common core issues behind sexual disorders. The capsules are made with lab tested herbal extracts approved by the Ministry of Ayush to cure serious physiological problems like lack of testosterone and vasoconstriction due to irregular blood flow. During the course of 135 days (3 bottles of 45 capsules each), you also get personalised consultation and multiple counselling sessions with leading psychologists. 

The high-performance supplement contains Swarna Bhasma, which is a proven natural scavenger and an anti oxidant that rejuvenates the mind and body and improves sexual health. Natural herbs like the Akarkara and Tongkat Ali help with impotence, and rare herbs like Shilajit and Brazilian Catuaba help with vasodilation and give long-lasting results without any reported side effectsThe 135 day course of Sukham Power Booster is suggested by a plethora of health experts and Wellness Gurus. So order today to rediscover your energy and lead a much happier and satisfied intimate life

Product Details

Safe, natural and effective power booster

100% herbal

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Clinically tested

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Dependency free

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side effects

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Customer Reviews

I bought a performance booster bottle as I was facing major testosterone issues. The consultant advised me to continue for 135 days. In 45 days, the supplement started showing results. I recommend highly for testosterone issues.

Mashusudan Kumar Delhi India

Diabetes had ruined my sex life. I had irregular blood flow that lead to vasoconstriction. I took Sukham for 90 days and all thanks to the golden capsules, it facilitated vasodilation for me. My blood flow became regular and I get better erections now.

Ishan Arora Chandigarh India

My father used to tell me about the benefits of swarna bhasma. It was good to know that we are getting original swarna bhasma at an affordable price of 1999. I eat this regularly and the golden capsules are amazing.

KL Raju Kochi India

I had made the mistake of eating PDE5 inhibitors regularly in my previous years. I became dependent on them as I was facing major PME and ED issues. I tried Sukham's herbal capsules and I must say i am Impressed with the results.

Vivek R Mishra Lucknow India

I was not feeling it with my partner anymore. After 25 years of married life, I was not happy anymore. Herbal Performance Booster brought back my libido, gave me my drive back and made my sex life happy.

Atul Singh Kashyap Patna India

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How to Use

3 simple steps to greater confidence

Red Capsule

Consume 1 red capsule every day, 30 minutes after dinner for 5 days in a row.

Golden Capsule

Consume one golden capsule 30 minutes after dinner on the 6th day.

Complete the Cycle

Continue this cycle for 135 days to see the best results. One bottle lasts 45 days.


Find the right product for you! Consult a health expert today.

Our trusted health experts will understand your concerns one on one to suggest the best solution for you.

Professional sexual health experts

Psychologists with expertise in sexual wellbeing

Frequently Asked Questions

All Sukham products are nutraceuticals and we use lab tested herbal extracts as ingredients. They don’t have any side effects. However, you may consult your physician before use.
Sukham’s power booster helps in treating 2 of the major root causes of any sexual disorder, testosterone levels and constricted blood flow to relevant organs. It promotes hormonal balance and enables vasodilation which may help you with issues like erectile dysfunction. premature ejaculation, lack of stamina etc
All Sukham products are based on the alternative medicine system of ayurveda and work on the core problems of the consumer. The products show a significant improvement if the dosage is taken according to the prescribed treatment plan. Most of our customers who have completed the course report long term relief.

PDE5 inhibitors are prescription drugs that are used as a quick yet temporary cause of erectile dysfunction and other sexual disorders. There are many side effects of these medicines in the long run. However, Sukham’s supplements are nutraceuticals made with potent herbal ingredients. They provide targeted nutrition and restore vitality. The products have no side effects and are used as natural hormone balancers and vasodilators. If the course is completed, Sukham products have long lasting effects.

You may consume almost everything during the course but avoid having oily and fried food as much as you can. If you couple these supplements with a clean diet and exercise, you will get desired results. We would also urge you to not indulge into smoking, drinking and use of other narcotic substances as it hampers overall sexual wellness.

We at Sukham don’t claim that our products will increase your penis size and girth. These are natural proportions and no herbal treatment can claim to do so. If any consultant or sales representative makes any such claims, please report him/her to However a fraction of our customers have reported an increase in their size and girth as well.
Sukham Power booster is a general sexual wellness supplement that you may consume throughout the year. It increases vitality, vigour, stamina and performance. Whereas, the Performance booster is a focussed course of 135 days that comes with Swarna Bhasma. Swarna has been dealt with comprehensively in Rasa Shastra texts and has been identified as an amazing radical scavenger and antioxidant. It has various aphrodisiac properties and is ideal for sexual wellness issues, if given in controlled dosages.

We value privacy, therefore our packaging ensures all contents are secure and hidden. We also make certain that the delivery is 100% discreet and only collected by the customer. Product reaches customers in Metro cities in 1-3 days and the rest of the pincodes in 3-5 days.


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