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10 Essential Rules of the Bro-Code

bro code is a book of laws that every real friend has to follow

When it comes to friendship, no one understands you better than your friends. A man trusts his brother more than family, he can talk without a filter, hug without embarrassment and ask without hesitation. Your girlfriend or wife may understand you, but never like the loyal brother you have, such is the power of brotherhood. A bro code is a book of laws that is unspoken yet present in every brotherly bond. Here are some ground rules that two good friends must follow.


Bros before…girls

This code is the founding principle of the existence of a brocode. A bro always comes before a female friend/ girlfriend. If your friend is interested in a girl then it’s your prime duty to aim for someone who has no relevance to your brother’s girl. Though it’s common culture to date girls from the same group; two real brothers would always avoid any kind of future difficulties.


You Must Always Have Their Back!

From covering up for the lies to having a heart-to-heart conversation after a tough breakup, a brother always supports his friend in a tight spot. A true brother will never let you be mocked or ridiculed, he will stand up for you no matter who he has to fight. Of course, the opposite can be true when no one else is around. 


All Family Members are Forbidden Land

This goes without saying that a brother’s sister is your sister. A real friend would never try to hit on a woman in his brother’s family. Be it a sister or a distant cousin, family is always to be respected and kept out of any mischief. 


A Brother Understands Your Needs 

Many times, girls wonder why their boyfriend’s flatmates instantly step out of the flat whenever they hang out with him but this is one of the basic rules of the bro code. It is out of mutual respect for privacy and understanding of your brother’s needs, that this rule was created. 


Selfless Endorsement 

Your bro has got your back! A more popular and talkative brother should always allow the less popular bro to shine and impress at parties. It is essential that neither is jealous or envious of the other. Rather, a true bond would allow them to not be insecure of the attention the other gets from peers, or the opposite sex. 


Together in Sadness

Whatever the situation, if a bro gets to know that his friend has had a breakup, he would leave everything to be by his side. This generally involves a heavy night of drinking with hours of cursing the ex! You gotta do what you gotta do!


Unsaid Requirements!

It can be embarrassing for you when it’s time for some fun with your girlfriend and you’re not carrying protection with you! A true bro will always have your back and give it to you if he has one. That’s what friendships are for!


Catch The Liar

If you see your brother’s girl hanging out with another guy and you don’t immediately call your brother to inform him, then you’re not a true bro. No matter how close you are to your brother’s mate, it is not acceptable to hide her lies. In fact, your brother will appreciate it if you confront her right there and then. Just like Sonu did for Titu, a true bro code follower.


All Conversations are Confidential

Millions of conversations happen between two bros. From discussing family situations to laughing at inner jokes, to sharing their deep secrets, bros always maintain confidentiality. They are at a point when one of them only needs to communicate through a look, and the other knows exactly what the first is talking about. These jokes, conversations and secrets are so dear and personal to them, that they will take them to their graves. 


A Bro’s bro is a Bro

Unlike women, men don’t get insecure about their friends’ other friendships. In fact, they welcome it with open arms & see it as an opportunity to network & grow their clan. Now, if a fight breaks down between a stranger and a pal’s bro, a true brother will always side with his new bro. That is the impact of the bro code. 


Most guys follow the bro code with complete solidarity and are quite proud of it. Also, those who don’t are normally looked down upon or avoided by the group. Brotherhood is a big bond made out of the smallest of gestures. These gestures may appear negligible but they have a huge impact on the friendship between two friends. New rules of the bro-code are formed every day, but these 10 rules remain the most fundamental & therefore, indispensable. If you are doing these 10 right, know that as a bro, you are on the right track!


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