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6 Best Positions For Your First Time

Are you new to the sex scene? Trying something new in bed can be nerve-wracking but with the right positions and communication, it can be an incredibly enjoyable experience. Make it a night to remember with these 6 easy tips and tricks! We?ve put together some of the best and sex positions for your first time which cater for all levels of experience. Read on for our 6 best positions of sex for your first time!

First, Missionary Position

First, on our list is the classic Missionary position which is to date considered the best position for partners and is widely done throughout the world. This traditional position allows plenty of eye contact and can be incredibly intimate, plus it?s great for beginners due to its ease and comfort. You might also find that during missionary you can easily gain control over thrusting intensity as a beginner.?

This classic position can also be used as a great first-time option since it allows both partners to stay connected emotionally and physically sensation-wise throughout the whole thing as long as there is enough lubricant involved! Plus, if either of you experiences any kind of pain or discomfort then it?s easy to stop immediately without making much of a disturbance in terms of changing positions too much at once.

Queening/Reverse Cowgirl

The Queening or Reverse Cowgirl style is often overlooked, but in fact, it can provide incredible pleasure when introduced gently and slowly. With the person on top of all fours, this position gives great access to manual stimulation of other erogenous zones while they?re focused on pleasuring their partner through penetration only.

Making things even more interesting causes connection on a deeper level, especially when reaching new levels of pleasure – like adding reverse cowgirl! Being able to watch one another as well as explore bolder touches creates increased sensation all over which makes this another great option for beginners who want some deeper intensity without having to worry about pressure or postural strain by doing regular cowgirl.


Another great one if you want to take it slow, Spooning is an ideal way to keep close while exploring sex in an intimate way. Spooning is a comfortable and easy position to start off with, plus it?s very intimate because you?re both facing each other. This position is great for someone who might feel a bit uncomfortable since you don?t necessarily have to look at each other during intercourse. Lying next to each other, one person gets behind the other allowing entry from behind as they get comfortable with slower movement at a controlled pace? perfect if you?re testing the waters!

Try Doggy Style

Doggy style is often seen as an intimidating position but it is actually quite enjoyable when done the right way. You can easily control the depth of penetration and experiment with different angles to make sure that it feels comfortable for both partners before moving further ahead in intensity or speed level.

Doggy style can be very enjoyable, and considering it one of the best sex positions for boys, stimulating those deeper nerves and encouraging faster movement making sure those clit-boner sensations are felt around the base of the penis or dildo used during penetration for her pleasure ? depending on what goodies you require! But this shouldn?t be attempted until you are comfortable in a few basic positions.

Sideways Straddle

At the same time, Sideway Straddles encourage lots of face-to-face contact, creating trust and bolstering confidence. It also gives lots of opportunities to pause and check-in, making sure both partners are getting pleasure out of the session rather than any feeling discomfort or outside pressures like previous experiences may have instilled in them prior to this momentous event!

Sixty-Nine (69)

Lastly, we have 69, one of the best positions for going a little overboard – an oral extravaganza where both partners focus completely on pleasuring one another simultaneously. In this respect it allows two people to focus solely on being present with themselves in that given moment knowing that their partner is gaining pleasure from doing exactly that too ? liberating almost! Whether needed or not; lubricant applied topically here could really enhance sensations, bonus points if the lubrication is flavoured!


Having sex for the first time is a big deal! So don’t be nervous. Sex is a beautiful thing that should be shared between two people. So if you’re ready, here are the six best positions for you to try out. Hope you enjoy it! If you found this article to be helpful, or you have any questions, please reach out to us anytime at We would love to hear from you!


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