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Gender Inequality: The New Age Burden Of Men

gender inequality

We’ve all heard statements like “Men don’t cry” and “Pink is for girls.” 

Gender inequality begins in childhood when the people around the child begin to favour them depending on their gender. When you’re a boy, you should grow up to be the family’s provider and protector, while girls should keep their talents in check and stick to the more polite roles of housekeeping and caring for the family.

Both men and women are affected negatively by gender (in)equality in their daily lives. Since women have historically been a primary focus behind gender equality initiatives and challenges, gender equality policies have historically been contextualized primarily as a “women’s concern.”

Gender Biases Impact

Researchers and psychologists have claimed that additional characteristics of masculine gender socialization, such as the desire for emotional control and self-reliance, may lead some men to participate in suicidal and self-damaging behaviours.

According to the report, men are more likely to experience health problems because of traditional gender norms that retain men in the duty of breadwinner and systematic discrimination that prevents women from equally contributing to their households and working.

Unconscious gender bias is a problem that can affect even the best-intentioned organizations. After all, we are taught traditional gender roles from an early age, so it is frequently second nature for us to believe that the mother would be the one to stay at home with the child rather than the father and that the father would fulfil the financial needs of the family. 

Taking steps to eliminate unconscious bias in the workplace so that all of your team members, regardless of gender, can live the life they wish.


Human rights include gender equality which means equality is our birthright and equality should not be earned, again and again, it should pre-exist in our society. Gender equality benefits everyone and is a matter of great concern. People of all genders should have equal chances, rights, and responsibilities. Gender inequality has an impact on everyone, including men, women, transgender, and gender nonconforming individuals. People of all ages and ethnicities are affected by it and is necessary for the health of the economy. Men and women should be valued equally in societies, which is safer and healthier. 


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