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Oh My God 2: A Must-See for People in Modern Times

A still from the movie 'Oh My God 2'

In a world where taboos and misconceptions still surround topics related to sex and pleasure, the movie ‘Oh My God 2’ emerges as a beacon of enlightenment. This thought-provoking film not only entertains but also educates, shedding light on essential aspects of human life that are often left in the dark. Let’s dive into the valuable teachings from this movie that are more relevant than ever in our modern times.

Awareness of Sex Education

In one memorable scene from the movie, the father courageously presents a human body parts chart inside a courtroom. This powerful moment highlights the importance of sex education, a topic often shrouded in silence and stigma. Adolescents today face immense mental pressure due to the lack of proper guidance and information about their own bodies and desires. ‘Oh My God 2’ reminds us that it’s high time we break the taboo surrounding self-pleasure and embrace the need for comprehensive sex education in schools and at home.

A courtroom still from the movie Oh My God 2
Image Credit: ‘Oh My God 2’ movie trailer

Masturbation Does Not Increase Your Size

Another scene in the movie shows schoolboys making fun of their classmates, perpetuating the harmful myth that masturbation can affect penis size. This misconception has plagued society for generations, causing unnecessary anxiety and shame. ‘Oh My God 2’ sets the record straight by emphasizing that self-pleasure has no bearing on the size of one’s genitals. It’s a message that needs to be spread far and wide to dispel harmful beliefs.

Schoolboys laughing in the assembly
Image Credit: ‘Oh My God 2’ movie trailer

Learning from Ancient Texts

The movie also delves into India’s rich history and its ancient texts, prominently featuring the Kamasutra. This centuries-old book, dating back to the half of the 3rd century CE, offers valuable insights into pleasure and intimacy. ‘Oh My God 2’ encourages us to appreciate and draw wisdom from our cultural heritage, demonstrating that ancient knowledge can still be relevant and enlightening in our modern lives.

ancient sculptures

Understanding the Harms of ‘Pills’

In a cautionary message, the film showcases the dangers of consuming unregulated pills and products that promise size enhancement, thickening, libido-boosting, or erection longevity. These artificial solutions can have severe side effects due to the presence of harmful chemicals. The movie reminds us of the importance of seeking professional medical advice and avoiding self-prescription when it comes to such matters.


Accepting Our Heritage

Before British colonial rule, Indian schools included education on pleasure alongside subjects like science, history, and mathematics. Texts like the Kamasutra and Panchatantra were integral parts of the curriculum. The movie urges us to revisit our heritage and reintegrate these valuable teachings into our education system, fostering a more holistic understanding of human life.

A picture depicting ancient times in which a couple is involved in sexual activity.
Image Credit: Rhode Island School of Design

Initiating a Conversation about ‘Sex’

The movie emphasizes that it’s not solely the responsibility of the education system to address sexual pleasure; it’s equally crucial to engage in open and honest conversations about these topics within our households. Initiating discussions with parents, siblings, or children can help break down taboos and promote body positivity, fostering healthier attitudes toward sexuality.

A newspaper still from the movie 'Oh My God 2'
Image Credit: ‘Oh My God 2’ movie trailer


In a world where misinformation and taboos continue to cast shadows over important aspects of our lives, ‘Oh My God 2’ stands as a reminder that knowledge, awareness, and open dialogue are essential for progress. By heeding the teachings of this movie, we can work towards a more informed, enlightened, and accepting society where all of us can embrace our sexuality without fear or shame. For more engaging and unapologetic talks around intimacy, follow


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