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6 Ayurvedic Extracts that Increase Fertility

herbs ayurveda helps with fertility

Let’s Understand Fertility

Male infertility occurs when a man is unable to impregnate his female companion. It can be caused by a variety of reasons including unhealthy lifestyle habits like smoking and drinking, exposure to toxins, hormone imbalances or side effects of medication. It could also be caused by genetic disorders such as cystic fibrosis or blockage in one’s genital tract.

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According to research done by the Asian Journal of Pharmaceutical and Clinical Research, infertility is a worldwide issue that affects 15% of married couples with men accounting for 20-40% of the data. In India, the prevalence of male infertility is continuously growing and has reached such frightening proportions that it may cause permanent harm to men’s sexual wellness. While serious fertility issues need to be treated by andrologists, there are ways to improve sperm count & sperm quality, naturally with medicine. 

ashwagandha ayurveda extract aphrodisiac

Ayurveda is India’s traditional medical system that can be traced back to 6000 BC. Since ancient times, Ayurveda has been known to treat diseases from the very root of the problem & has also been used to cure chronic diseases. Herbs like Ashwagandha, Safed Musli, Tongkat Ali and Shilajit are not just potent treatments for sexual wellness but also for holistic health. 
We bring you the 6 Ayurvedic Extracts to increase men’s fertility.


ashwagandha for fertility

Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera), also known as “Indian Winter cherry” or Indian Ginseng,” is an evergreen shrub that’s found in India, Africa and parts of the Middle East.

Ashwagandha has primarily been utilized as a Rasayana for 6000 years. Rasayanas are traditionally given as tonics to small children and the elderly to support their overall well-being. Due to the bitter flavour of Ashwagandha, the root is frequently dried, grounded, and then given as a powder mixed with ghee, honey, and milk.

Ashwagandha contains chemicals that help in brain relaxation, swelling reduction, blood pressure reduction, and immune system modulation. It is a highly effective natural supplement for treatment of infertility in men. It is considered one of the best herbs for the treatment of sexual disorders such as erectile dysfunction and Oligospermia.


shilajit power shakti

Shilajit is a naturally occurring substance found primarily in the Himalayas, that is formed over time by the decomposition of certain plants by the action of microorganisms. It is a powerful and extremely safe dietary supplement that restores energetic balance and has the potential to prevent several diseases. Shilajit contains fulvic acid and over 84 minerals, therefore providing many health benefits. It boosts immunity, energy and memory, and acts as an anti-inflammatory and diuretic to remove excess fluid from the body. It is an excellent purifying and rejuvenating herb that promotes higher testosterone levels and leads to better health in men. Shilajit is also known for its effects on sexual wellness as it boosts the core energy responsible for sexual drive or libido. It balances debility and fatigue while also improving muscle strength. 

Brazilian Catauba

catauba from brazil

Catuaba is a natural remedy derived from the bark of Brazilian rainforest trees. Formulations differ depending on the tree used; Trichilia Antigua, Anemopaegma arvense, and Micropholis caudata are a few examples. People use the bark to make medicine for sexual arousal and performance, poor memory, among other things. 

Antidepressant-like effects of Trichilia catigua (Catuaba) extract

A research was conducted in July 2005, where it was proven that the intake of Catigua extract releases dopamine and serotonin and hence, has antidepressant properties. 

Swarna bhasma

swarna bhasma gold

Swarna Bhasma gold ash is made using the Putapaka method, which involves heating and quenching gold with various plant extracts. From a coarse powder, gold is hammered into a ribbon, then ground with various herbal extracts and incinerated at high temperatures (1000 °C) in earthen crucibles.

Swarna Bhasma contains aphrodisiac properties that aid in the improvement of stamina, strength, low sperm count, and the quality and quantity of sperm. It also aids in the treatment of erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, and overall men’s fertility

Safed Musli

safed musli power

Safed musli or White musli is a wildly grown white-colored herb. It is often referred to as “White gold” or “Divya aushad“. Safed musli is popularly used for men’s sexual wellness. It is used in traditional medical systems such as Ayurveda, Unani, and homoeopathy. Safed musli is also ideal for athletic performance, obesity, erectile dysfunction (ED), impotency and premature ejaculation. The root of this plant is especially powerful for sperm production.
Ayurvedic practitioners use the dried roots of Safed Musli (also known as asparagus) as an aphrodisiac. It contains approximately 30% alkaloids, 10% to 20% natural steroid saponin, 40% to 45% polysaccharides, carbohydrates, and 5% to 7% protein.

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“Unless you heal the root of the problem, the pain will not go away”

– Leon Brown

It is a high time that we realize that sexual wellness is just as important as physical or mental health and therefore needs to be addressed with the same seriousness. There is a great gap between the reasons and the symptoms of sexual health related problems. And good Ayurveda always targets the root of the problem, and not just the symptom. Go ahead and try these extracts to see maximum results.


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