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6 Signs Your Partner Might Be Depressed

Depression has amassed a huge following in the era of social media. It begins with a little mental and physical discomfort and continues until we lose control of it. Depression is an illness in which you feel extreme sadness and a loss of interest in the things you once loved and enjoyed. It also forces us to choose between delving deeply into the root of our initial issue and putting our attention back on practical situations.

Any relationship may suffer as a result of the extreme loneliness and alienation that depression can bring about. It can be incredibly unpleasant for two individuals in a relationship when a depressed person exhibits crippling tiredness and hopelessness.

According to a survey, conducted by WHO in India, one in 20 people suffer from depression. Sometimes, people don’t realise they’re depressed until the people around them start to notice the difference in their behaviour. It is difficult to catch on to symptoms of depression whether it is affecting you or someone near you, however, they are some common signs that might indicate someone going through Depression.

Here are the 6 Signs to Identify if your partner might be Depressed:

1. They don’t want to go out and have fun anymore

It could be the start of a major depression wave if your partner stops hanging out with you, their friends, or engaging in enjoyable activities. Depression frequently causes people to isolate themselves from others and spend more time thinking about their problems. 

People who are depressed tend to become unintentionally lazy so that they can be left alone. In actuality, depression’s roots are what prevent your partner from living in peace, even though it may appear that they are purposely not trying.

2. They Are Not as Happy as They Used To Be

Couples frequently have times when one of them is a little overwhelmed. This can occur at any age, even in adolescence. Here are some things you may do to support your partner if they exhibit odd signs of sadness or withdrawal.

  • Even during the most trying times, never forget that you two are there for one another.
  • Make a list of the things that made your partner happy, and then implement them one at a time each day. It will enable them to emerge from this situation.

3. They Often Feel Worn Out

Your partner may be exhausted if they have been feeling down lately.  However, if your loved one appears to be fatigued all the time, it may indicate that depression is the cause.

Depression can lead to exhaustion, and it frequently comes with additional symptoms such as trouble eating, sleeping, focusing, and making decisions. You can assist them in planning their day’s activities and try to complete chores with them in order to get past this.

4. Lack of Sleep

People who struggle with depression frequently feel tired. 

In fact, up to 80% of people with the major depressive disorder report experiencing sleep problems at some point while they are ill. They could struggle to conduct themselves normally as a result.

Oversleeping or undersleeping are both examples of irregular sleep. They are both signs of depression. When depressed, a person sleeps more to block out the world.

5. Poor Diet

If your partner isn’t eating well, depression may also be present. Anorexia, bulimia, binge eating, and other eating disorders are frequently caused by depression.

Weight loss, weariness, low energy, and desperation are all possible effects of these activities. Giving children nourishing food is crucial so that, even in irregular amounts, it does not affect them as much as junk food.

6. Rush of adrenaline

If your partner starts engaging in thrill-seeking behaviours like binge drinking, drug usage, speeding, etc., this could be a sign of depression. People that are depressed will do anything to avoid their emotions.

For them to bury their sensations and emotions deep inside, they require that adrenaline rush. This is exceedingly risky because it not only has an impact on their mental health but also has the potential to cause some very serious physical injuries or illnesses.


There are millions of people that suffer from depression nowadays. With the right diagnostic and psychological care, it is curable. There are numerous indications of depression in your relationship that you should watch out for. In an effort to avoid social engagements, they will frequently postpone plans and try to stay at home. They won’t look to be as joyful as they once were, and you will be able to tell that something has changed in their attitude. They’ll sleep erratically and be perpetually exhausted. They will either eat a lot or a lot less depending on their diet. To get away from how they are feeling, they will engage in thrilling activities.

If you or someone you know has one or more symptoms like these, talk to our counsellors today! 


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