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How to be the Best Wingman Ever!

Every guy needs a Wingman in their life, whether it is to woo their ‘teenage love’ or that cute girl who just walked in while you and your buddy are in a bar. They all have these little crushes with cold feet which never let them make the first move. Let’s see how you can be the next Barney Stinson from HIMYM  or Anjali from Kuch Kuch Hota Hai for your friend and get done with their daily rants on being single, lol. So here are some tips to help you with that –

Smooth Introductions

Picture this: you and your friend walk into a crowded room. It’s time to make an entrance that’s both memorable and smooth. Channel your inner Barney Stinson from “How I Met Your Mother” and confidently approach potential matches. Use creative icebreakers, witty conversation starters, and a dash of humour to create an atmosphere that oozes charm. Remember Barney’s famous line, “Have you met Ted?” It’s a classic example of a simple yet effective introduction that captures attention and sparks curiosity.

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Boost their Confidence

Your friend is the star of the show, and you’re their biggest fan! As a wingman, your primary role is to boost their confidence to sky-high levels. Shower them with genuine compliments, encourage them to embrace their unique qualities, and remind them that they’re a catch. Remember Circuit from Lage Raho Munna bhai? Exactly you got the picture!

Create Opportunities for Connection

Your friend doesn’t know when to go talk to their muses? Well, it’s time for you to step in and create magic for your friend. Organize fun events like house parties, and outings to get an opening. Do you guys remember how Ted in HIMYM threw 3 parties consequently to get Robin to his party, that’s about it!

Know When to Bow Out Gracefully

Timing is the Key! Know when to bid your goodbye when your friend and his muse finally hit the right cords. Excuse yourself for a drink or a visit to the loo and see your friend mingling on their own! The more they sit together and talk the more your friend can decide whether this is it or there are still many more single Guy’s night out!

Be there to Rescue them

Some dates are just not worth it, tell your friend the “Lemon Law “ of dating, and never waste time on a date that isn’t going anywhere, if the friend signals a lemon, it’s your turn to rescue him! Or you know the classic My friend is in the hospital, got hit by a bicycle story. Call them when they signal you to give you an out!

Protect Them From Themselves

If your friend has a tendency to fall for all the red flags out there just to cry on your shoulder later on, ranting and wailing. You need to step in to avoid them and yourself from the aftermath of them getting heartbroken from them. Let them know what you feel and have them choose.


Congratulations, wingman extraordinaire! By following these tips inspired by legendary wingmen like Barney Stinson, you’re well on your way to becoming the coolest sidekick in the dating scene. From smooth introductions to boosting confidence and creating magical moments, you now possess the secret formula for matchmaking success. So, grab your wingman cape, embrace the adventure, and let your matchmaker superpowers shine. Get out there and make love happen, one legendary wingman move at a time! Read about “10 Essential Rules Of Bro Code” here.


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