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Oh My God 2: An Important Reminder That Size Doesn’t Matter

A still from the movie 'Oh My God 2'

In a world filled with mixed messages and misunderstandings about our bodies, ‘Oh My God 2’ brings us a straightforward and important lesson: your size doesn’t matter. This movie encourages us to accept ourselves, appreciate our ancient wisdom, and stay away from risky shortcuts, like consuming pills without the guidance of any authentic medical expert. Hear us out, There is no pill in this world that can increase your penis size!

At Sukham, our mission is to promote a safer and more educated environment where we clear all your doubts related to sexual wellness, pleasure and understanding how your body works. Read below to have a clarity of thought about the message from the movie that every individual is different and ‘Size Doesn’t Matter!

When Reel & Reel Collided 

In a world where facts and fiction often collide, the consequences of this collision are substantial. Our society is filled with misinformation, particularly regarding subjects left unaddressed by formal education. This not only spreads confusion but also perpetuates stigma in society.

Consider the experience of boys like Vivek, the protagonist’s son in ‘Oh My God 2.’ His journey mirrors that of countless young individuals who, growing up without proper sexual education, absorb and perpetuate harmful misconceptions about their bodies.

These misconceptions often revolve around:

Myth #1: Size Enhancement Equals Manhood

One prevalent misconception is that increasing the size of one’s genitalia is synonymous with becoming a better man. This skewed notion can lead to unhealthy obsessions with size and self-worth, often at the expense of one’s self-esteem and mental well-being.

banana and measuring tape depicting penis size

Myth #2: Size Guarantees Maximum Pleasure

Another harmful belief is that a larger size ensures maximum pleasure for both oneself and their partner. This misconception can lead to performance anxiety, unrealistic expectations, and ultimately, disappointment and insecurity.

thumb covered with condom

While not all boys, like Vivek, may face severe bullying or overt ridicule, many silently grapple with these misguided beliefs. The lack of proper sex education contributes to their misbelief, leaving them unprepared to navigate their bodies and relationships.

Breaking free from this cycle of misinformation is essential for fostering a more informed, empathetic society. By promoting open, honest, and evidence-based discussions about sexuality, both within our homes and educational institutions, we can help dispel these myths and empower us to make informed choices, leading to healthier, happier, and more satisfying relationships.

The Causes Behind the Misinformation 

Several factors contribute to the bulk of misguided opinions regarding sexual matters, some of which are:

Schools Not Teaching Enough About Sex

One big reason is that many schools don’t teach enough about sex. When people don’t learn the right stuff in school, they might believe false things.

Keeping Sex a Secret (Social Stigma)

Some societies treat sex as a secret and feel ashamed to talk about it. This silence makes it easy for false information to spread because people don’t ask questions or share what they know.

man holding his lower abdomen

Companies Selling Products with Lies

Some companies make money by selling products that don’t work. They spread false information to get people to buy their stuff.

The Internet is Confusing

The Internet has lots of information, both good and bad. Sometimes, it’s hard to tell what’s right. People might try to figure things out themselves, which can lead to wrong ideas.

Influence of Pornography

Pornography, while a form of entertainment for adults, can contribute to misconceptions about sex. It often presents unrealistic scenarios and expectations, which some may confuse with reality.

The Effects of Such Misinformation 

Having the wrong information about sex can be a big problem. It can make people feel bad about themselves, hurt their relationships, and even affect their health. To fix this, we need better sex education, open conversations, and a critical eye to sort out the right information from the wrong.

Anxiety and Stress

False beliefs about sex can lead to intense anxiety and stress. People may worry excessively about their performance, their bodies, or whether they are “normal.” These feelings of inadequacy can significantly affect mental well-being.

Small Dick Syndrome

Believing that size is the ultimate measure of a man’s worth can lead to what’s often referred to as “Small Dick Syndrome.” This condition is characterized by feelings of insecurity and low self-esteem due to concerns about penis size.

Mental Health Extremities

The mental toll of misinformation can become so extreme that it leads to severe mental health issues. In some tragic cases, individuals may even contemplate or commit suicide due to the overwhelming despair caused by their perceived inadequacies. These stories occasionally make headlines, shedding light on the devastating consequences of such misinformation.

Physical Health Extremities

Misguided attempts to address perceived shortcomings, such as using dangerous pills or undergoing risky procedures, can have life-threatening consequences. Some individuals may experience severe complications, even leading to death, as reported in the news.

What we are doing at Sukham 

At Sukham, we’re committed to providing accurate and reliable information to help men make informed decisions about their sexual wellness. We believe that the right information, from the right source, can empower individuals to lead healthier and more satisfying sexual lives.

We employ various communication channels, including Instagram, LinkedIn, website blogs, and Quora, each with its unique style of interaction. Despite the differences, they all share a common purpose: equipping men with the knowledge they need to make informed choices.


The Barriers We Face Daily: Consequences of the Misinformation

Every day, we encounter the far-reaching consequences of misinformation and the lack of comprehensive sex education. Many men reach out to us with concerns about enlarging their penis, driven by the stories and beliefs ingrained in them since childhood. We understand that unlearning can be a slow and challenging process, requiring a level of acceptance that can be difficult to achieve.

At Sukham, we tirelessly emphasize a simple truth: there’s no real way to increase your penis size. We work diligently to debunk the myths and misconceptions that have taken root in the minds of many. We remind men that the penis is just another organ in the body, much like a finger or any other body part. By addressing these deeply ingrained beliefs, we aim to help individuals embrace a more accurate and positive understanding of their bodies and their sexual well-being.


Movies like ‘Oh My God 2’ have a special power to share important truths with lots of people, something that only cinema can do. These films shine a light on subjects where people often get the wrong information, especially about sex.

At Sukham, our goal is to provide the right information to help people make good choices about their sexual health. We know that changing beliefs can be hard, but we’re working towards a world where at least 1 out of every 10 men understands better.

We believe that with movies like ‘Oh My God 2’ and the work we do at Sukham, we can slowly make things better and help people have healthier and happier sexual lives. Together, we can build a world that values truth, knowledge, and open conversations about sex.


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