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Qualities That Women Find Attractive In Men

A man and a woman feeling attraction towards each other

What do women look for in a guy? Men have been trying to answer this perennial question for centuries. Romantic attraction is a complicated thing that humans still don’t clearly understand. However, through years of research and experimentation, scientists have found some personality traits that women find very attractive in men. Physical appearance has long been associated with attractiveness, but an even more important role is played by the guy’s personality. These qualities have been discussed below:

Selflessness and Generosity Win Out

A Generous and kind hearted man is always more attractive.
Image Source: Zocalo Public Square

A man’s kind nature can always make up for his lack of good looks. Girls always look for a guy who treats them with kindness and respect over a vain guy . It makes sense. Who would want to be with a man who’s easy on the eyes if all those good looks were at the expense of any real decency?
Small gestures like holding the door, or pulling the chair in a restaurant can make a man appear so much more attractive in the eyes of his lady.
Women desire chivalrous men, and saying that only good looks matter to them would be completely false.

Laugh Out Loud

A good sense of humour is important.
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Laughter has been called the best medicine and indeed it is, especially for your relationships. Relationships shouldn’t always be taken seriously and a characteristic that automatically makes the connection more enjoyable is having a sense of humour and making unexpected jokes.
Having a good sense of humour is not about being a comedian 24*7 but having a light-hearted and fun energy which women find quite appealing.
Men who can make others laugh create a positive and enjoyable atmosphere.
What matters to a woman is to have someone in her life who can make her laugh and keep her happy. But there’s an exception to this rule. Having an aggressive sense of humour is a red flag in relationships, especially if it’s used directly against your partner.

Stability Matters

Career stability should be prioritized. It is is one of the most Attractive Qualities.
Image Source: Business Insider

It is a widely accepted fact that women find men who are passionate about their work and have reached a certain sense of stability in their careers attractive. This doesn’t mean that he must have a mansion and luxury cars by the age of 30. But it means that he should have a vision for his life and he should be determined to turn that vision into reality.
Women find passionate men very appealing and passion in various aspects of life, such as career, hobbies, or philanthropy, can enhance a man’s attractiveness.

Confidence is Attractive

Confidence makes a man look attractive. Thus, Confidence is one of the most Attractive Qualities.
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A Confident man is always more attractive than a man who seems insecure in himself. A guy who is able to keep his calm and composure in even a high-stress situation is super attractive. This quality makes a woman feel safe and secure in his presence making him appear mature and confident.
Being confident is a great way to impress a girl because she knows that this person has strong character traits, which makes him more attractive than others around him who lack these traits or have none at all! So a little bit of Confidence can help you woo the lady of your dreams. You can also go for self-confidence counselling sessions to boost your confidence levels.

Honesty Is The Best Policy

Honesty is one of the most Attractive Qualities.
Image Source: WisePass

Being an Honest man makes you instantly more attractive as it shows that you have a strong character and you can be trusted. A woman desires a guy whom she can trust. Honesty also shows that you’re willing to be vulnerable with her which makes her feel safe around you and comfortable enough to share her deepest thoughts and feelings.
Thus, one of the most common personality traits that attract women is Trustworthiness and Honesty.

Being Emotionally Intelligent Is Attractive

Emotional Intelligence is one of the most Attractive Qualities.
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Intelligence plays a huge role in making a man more attractive. Women like men who make them feel safe and secure; intelligent men are more likely to do this because they analyze situations logically while making decisions.
But only rational intelligence is not enough, you should also be Emotionally Intelligent if you want to be with the woman of your dreams. Being able to do rational analysis is nice but understanding her emotional requirements and meeting them is very important in any relationship and this trait makes a man a hundred times more attractive.


To conclude, a man’s personality plays a huge role in increasing his attractiveness in the eyes of women. Good looks might be easy on the eyes but a strong character is what makes a man truly attractive and irresistible.  For more such quirky and entertaining content, follow


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