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Situationship- A New Trend in Commitment-phobic Indian Youth

A couple engaged in casual dating

If you are not living under a rock, chances are that you may have come across the word ‘situationship’ on social media! A situationship, in simple terms, is a romantic or sexual relationship that is not considered to be formal or established.

Today’s youth has a commitment phobia and is reluctant to take the step forward towards being in an exclusive relationship. They are more willing to engage in Casual dating to kill their loneliness. Traditional arranged marriages have gradually given way to these modern dating practices. The following are the major reasons contributing to commitment issues in Indian youth:

Fear of Emotional Vulnerability

The Fear of Emotional Vulnerability
Image Source: Psych Cenral

Gen Z is facing problems with being Emotionally vulnerable. When it comes to dating, vulnerability is very complex; people don’t know how to be in a relationship, and even if it’s casual, they still end up feeling vulnerable. 

Going on a date is itself a vulnerable thing. What to wear on a date, where you’re meeting your date, who texts first, these are all vulnerable behaviours.

Productivity Guilt and Hustle Culture

Hustle culture and Producivity.
Image Source: Fairygodboss

This generation is experiencing “productivity guilt,” linked to a sense of FOMO (fear of missing out). Gen Z has massive productivity guilt about everything—not reading enough, not watching enough, not being updated with everything on Instagram. 

Several times, Young Adults look at Serious Relationships as just an Emotional Investment that will kill their productivity. So they pursue casual relationships and participate in Hookup culture because of FOMO and to satisfy their sexual needs.

The Desire to reach Financial Stability first

Prioritising Finances.
Image Source: Smart Asset

There is a desire to achieve a lot at an early stage in Young Indians. Often, Gen Z-ers want to be (financially) settled before they even look for a commitment. There’s been a massive change in how they’re planning their lives and what they want for themselves.

About 10-15 years ago, people thought that they could get married, see a partner, fall in love with someone, and pursue their careers, all together. Now, they (millennials and Gen Z-ers) see them as separate steps. 

They think that until they are settled (financially and career-wise), they can’t allow themselves to be in a relationship. Even if they are in a relationship, they’re on the fence about actually committing to it, because so many of their other goals aren’t met yet.

Loneliness is an Epidemic

A sad and lonely person.
Image Source:

One of the major causes of anxiety in Indian youth is loneliness—having no one to meet and talk to. People have started believing the narrative that being updated on others’ lives through WhatsApp is enough. But they aren’t ready to sit down and have deeper conversations as much anymore. 

This deep fear of loneliness has further raised the popularity of Casual dating and situationships since people don’t want to be alone but they also aren’t ready to build deep Emotional connections.

Bloom of Dating Apps and Situationships

A picture representing rise of Dating apps.
Image Source: Esquire

With endless options available to date at the click of a button, people have forgotten the true meaning of Love.

Once you’re out of college, meeting new people is tough. Dating apps allow us to find and meet new people more easily. They have been helpful in this sense. 

But it is important to recognize the harm they have done to this Entire Generation. Dating apps and social media have provided Gen Z with unprecedented opportunities to explore various relationships. However, this abundance of options has led to decision paralysis, making it difficult for young people to commit to a single partner. Amidst all of this, they have forgotten the value of a compassionate and loving relationship.

Heartbreak and Failed Relationships

A man holding a heart shaped bolloon representing Heart-break.
Image Source: The Economic Times

Another major reason why the modern generation is engaging in casual dating is because of the Heartbreak that they have faced in their previous relationship. 34% of millennials suffer from commitment issues because they have been hurt in a past relationship.

Experiencing or witnessing failed relationships in the past can leave a lasting impact on an individual’s willingness to commit. Gen Z may be apprehensive about entering into serious relationships, fearing they might face similar heartbreak or disappointment. This generation is thus scared of Emotional Attachment.


India’s Gen Z is navigating an ever-changing dating landscape, with commitment issues emerging as a significant challenge. The prevalence of Hookup culture and the desire to succeed in life has influenced the commitment patterns of the Indian Youth leading to the emergence of new concepts like Situationships, Textationships, and Casual dating. For more such quirky and entertaining content, follow

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