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Signs of Sexual Frustration in Men

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There are many situations in day-to-day life where a man feels helpless and frustrated. Many times, this helplessness is acquired through lack of sex, intimacy issues, and self-doubt. Most men are not self-aware of their frustration due to a lack of introspection and guidance. The ones who do reflect, often use incorrect coping mechanisms to solve their issues. Some men turn aggressive while others behave more sensitively than usual. What is sexual frustration? What causes lead to sexual frustration? Here we will understand the causes and effects of sexual frustration in depth. 

What is Sexual Frustration?

Sexual frustration is a feeling of dissatisfaction brought on by a mismatch between one’s desired and real sexual activity. Barriers in the physical, mental, emotional, social, and religious or spiritual domains may often lead to such behavior. 

Men are expected to hide their feelings from their partners, families, and the rest of the world. This results in a man feeling sexually incomplete. This incompetence affects their self-esteem and pride. 

Let’s understand how the same changes their tendencies and behavior. 

Behavior of Men 

Sexual frustration is a common issue that reflects outwardly by behaviors like restlessness, irritation, and the need to complain or demand sexual intercourse from your partner constantly. 

Not to mention, it appears differently for various people. 

Some men, when sexually frustrated may try to compensate by becoming aggressive, while others may break down, become anxious & even have panic attacks. In both cases, men are suffering and have lost confidence in themselves.

What causes sexual frustration? 

Sexual Frustration can be caused due to multiple reasons. These could include lack of sex, having limited intercourse, failing to experience orgasm, premature ejaculation, etc.

Some of the popular reasons that may cause it is mentioned below:

  1. Unmet Expectations of Partner 

Your sexual partner could have unrealistic expectations, criticize the sexual performance, or demand to engage in actions that are uncomfortable. All of these factors add up to hinder a person’s mental health and may cause you to feel irritated, shameful, and unhappy.

  1. Poor Communication

Sometimes, your inability to communicate one’s sexual desires or expectations can cause sexual frustration. Men frequently struggle to share their thoughts and feelings in relationships due to societal norms and internal barriers. This is one of the main reasons why men get disturbed mentally.

  1. Watching Pornography 

Regularly watching porn may give men an unrealistic image of what sex is like. This could result in “sexual uncertainty” regarding one’s sexual ideologies. This may also lead to sexual dissatisfaction, anxiety, or fear.

  1. Body Image Issues

Body dissatisfaction or a negative body image can lead to feelings of disappointment, shame, and guilt. It can also result in unhealthy behaviors like fad dieting, eating disorders, exercise addiction, and so on. 

According to a study, more than 90% of men struggle with body dissatisfaction and negative affect (negative opinions of oneself, or negative emotions and thoughts about one’s body). Body image disorders may be more severe in gay and heterosexual adolescent-to-young-adult (post-college) males than in men of other ages, according to research.

Signs a Man is Sexually Frustrated 

  1. Gives up on expectations 

Not getting any intercourse for a long time could result in a man gradually setting his expectations low. This also results in a decline in their personal hygiene and grooming as they no longer feel desired. To overcome this feeling of self-doubt one should share sentiments with their partner.  

  1. Hypersensitivity

Sometimes, getting extremely sensitive about everyday conversations can also, indicate sexual resentment in men. This may result in ongoing disagreements and arguments among friends and at work. The only solution to this is to address your concerns and talk to your close ones or a health expert about how you feel. 

  1. Grudge Battles 

Like hypersensitivity, lack of intercourse might also make men feel more irritable and hostile towards other people. They might feel envious if their lover seems to be displaying affection for someone else. People who previously posed no threat could now be the prime focus of their resentment. This may result in broken friendships and even relationship breakups. In such matters, it is best to understand one’s insecurities before cutting ties with their loved ones.

  1. Excessive Eating 

According to research, increased eating and drinking might result from sexual cravings. Sexual activity releases endorphins that make one feel pleasure and satisfaction. By eating more or drinking heavily men seek the same fulfillment from other sources. Some common eating disorders one gets after making this a habit include binge eating, purging, laxative abuse, and fasting for weight loss. 

Remedies to Overcome 

Sexual frustration is a serious issue that goes unnoticed by most. If you or someone you know is showing the above signs, please follow the next steps to feel more empowered and confident about yourself. Before you read more, know that sexual wellness is a journey and requires time, effort, and patience. 

  • Get some exercise to release your energy. Try it out; for short and simple beginner practices, go out in open spaces and feel the cool breeze on your face.
  • Give masturbation a shot. It will mimic sexual activity. While it won’t be as wonderful as the actual thing, it will help you lose weight and keep you from carrying a piece of emotional baggage.
  • To settle your emotions, turn on some relaxing music. Do whatever that gives you an adrenaline rush. Going swimming, cycling, or even a Zumba class would work wonders. 
  • Make time for other pastimes you enjoy, such as playing your favorite instrument or cooking that one dish you think you’re best at. If you can convince your partner to engage with you in these activities, you may even start to rekindle your relationship, which is the first step in returning to where you want to be.


Sexual health and wellness are a part of our overall health that most men don’t actively think about. However, the more one delays introspection, the more it hurts. It is a common issue in Indian men that is affecting millions today. It is time to take action to live a happy, fulfilled, and joyful life. Follow for more informative content on men’s well-being.


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