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What Causes a Decline in Testosterone Levels as We Age?

A man stressing over his declining testosterone levels.

As studies have shown, men’s sexual health has decreased by around 20% over the last two decades. It means that today a person in his 20s has roughly the same testosterone level as a 70-year-old in 2000. Let’s explore the reasons behind the decline in testosterone levels in men as they age.

What are Testosterone Levels?

Testosterone is the primary male sex hormone produced in the testicles vital for better functioning of men’s health. It is also responsible for an increase in muscle strength, as well as hair growth in men.

Low testosterone levels are an issue in which men are unable to produce enough testosterone in their bodies which causes sexual deterioration. It also severely affects physical and emotional well-being. 

Owing to a biased attitude towards men’s health, these problems often go overlooked and cause serious damage to men’s wellness in the long run.

What Is the Main Cause?  

To understand the adverse effects of low testosterone levels, we have to first understand what causes it in the first place. 


Let’s agree, that life is chaotic. Everyone seems to be burning the candles at both ends. The constant stress of work, home, and travel has led to a demanding lifestyle that directly harms the endogenous growth of testosterone. Today’s stress levels have come to be a major factor in the decline in men’s sexual wellness which in turn gives rise to a multitude of issues.

Lack of Nutrition

Poor dietary habits and increased consumption of processed food are one of the leading causes of low testosterone levels in the body. The process of producing hormones in the human body requires rich vitamins and proper nutrient production and that can only be consumed with good eating habits! Weekly orders from Swiggy or Zomato that suits our sedentary lifestyles, definitely do not suit our sexual wellness. 

Testosterone levels Play a Crucial Role in Men’s Health

Low testosterone levels in men can cause severe problems like:

Weaker Sex Drive 

Sexual strength in men starts to deteriorate naturally after they turn 30 by 1% per year. However recent studies have shown a greater decline in the yearly levels meaning men are aging faster than ever before. 

Testosterone plays a key role in promoting men’s sexual activities meaning a decline in its level can affect sexual desires and performance resulting in erectile dysfunction and also infertility.

Waning Energy

Testosterone is responsible for stronger and increased muscle mass. A drop in the levels can affect the men’s health by slurping the body’s energy which adds up to severe and frequent fatigue while doing daily chores and activities. 


As per recent research, low testosterone levels alter your natural sleep patterns & affect the soundness of your sleep which ultimately leads to wakefulness and insomnia. It can further cause serious problems in men’s health like high blood pressure and cardiac problems.

What is the Cure? 

Testosterone is the mascot of manliness. Though it declines naturally, there are certain proven ways to revive it which can improve men’s health and wellness.

Therapies like Testosterone Replacement are used to treat male hypogonadism but it needs to be evaluated first. It has shown serious side effects as it poses a threat to prostate and cardiovascular problems

Ayurveda, on the other hand, provides herbal medicines and therapies that are not only devoid of side effects but also boost the overall well-being of the body. Ayurvedic treatment consists of three important phases namely Ahar(diet), Vihar(lifestyle), and Chikitsa(medicine).

1. Ahar (recommended diet plan)

  • Eating food rich in micronutrients and minerals restores balance to the
    system giving rise to testosterone levels.
  • Increasing the portion of protein-rich food like eggs and soybean in meals boosts immunity and helps in increasing muscle mass giving strength to the body. 

2. Vihar (healthy lifestyle)

  • Regular exercise and an increase in physical activities result in stronger bones and muscles.
  • Meditation and deep breathing techniques have enormous benefits like relieving stress and maintaining proper sleep cycles resulting in improving hormonal balances.

3. Chikitsa (Medicine)

  • Shilajit, a naturally occurring herb, promotes testosterone levels in the body along with enhancing physical stamina and immunity overall increasing men’s sexual health. It also boosts sperm count and improves male fertility
  • Along with that, herbs like Ashwagandha have been found beneficial for
    male vitality and increasing strength.


Men’s sexual health is as important as oxygen for the body. There is nothing in the world that cannot be cured if proper measures and precautions are taken. To begin with, we should start talking unbiasedly about all problems of men’s physical and mental wellness. Hormonal problems if not treated properly may result in severe troubles, not only physically but also on a psychological level. Ayurvedic treatment has shown promising results in an increase in male libido and enhancing overall stamina. With the introduction of various herbal supplements rich in minerals and natural health benefits, we can say that we have found a solution to restore manliness in men.

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