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Sukham’s Pitch on Shark Tank India: A Never-to-be-Forgotten Experience


Shark Tank India posted Sukham again. And this is just the beginning. Our pitch on Shark Tank India may not have ended with a deal, but it certainly succeeded in its mission to bring men’s wellness to the forefront. 

At Sukham, our mission is to spread the ancient wisdom of Vajikarana and Ayurveda as a better alternative to sexual wellness. The conversation around men’s wellness is often shrouded in silence, with too many barriers preventing open discussion. We at Sukham have taken that bold step to break these barriers. 

Ayurveda, with its roots dating back over 3000 years, offers a treasure trove of natural ways to enhance sexual wellness. This ancient science emphasises the balance of the Sapta Dhatu, or the seven tissues, which are fundamental to our physical constitution and overall health. 

ayurvedic supplements by sukham

In Ayurveda, the concept of Sapta Dhatu refers to the seven vital tissues that form the pillars of the body, starting from Rasa (plasma) and culminating in Shukra (reproductive tissue). The process of nourishment and transformation flows from one Dhatu to the next, with each one being refined to support the subsequent tissue, ultimately leading to the rejuvenation of Shukra Dhatu, which is essential for reproductive health and sexual wellness. This rejuvenation is key to enhancing vitality and overall well-being. The proper functioning and balance of these Dhatus are essential for maintaining sexual health and vitality.

The Purpose of Going to Shark Tank India

We are here to say that men’s wellness matters, and we will not accept defeat, no matter what! Our appearance on Shark Tank India was not just about seeking investment; it was about advocating for a cause we deeply believe in.

sukham on shark tank india



We introduced the science of Vajikarana, a specialised branch of Ayurveda, which is dedicated to enhancing sexual health and potency. It’s a holistic approach that not only aims to improve sexual performance but also strengthens the overall vitality of an individual. The therapy includes a range of treatments such as herbal formulations, dietary advice, and lifestyle changes, all tailored to individual needs. 

Vajikarana therapies are designed to address common sexual dysfunctions like infertility, premature ejaculation, and erectile dysfunction, promoting a healthy and fulfilling sexual life.

We went into the Shark Tank with a clear purpose: to introduce our vision of men’s wellness to a wider audience and to seek support for our mission to provide holistic health solutions. Our pitch was more than just a business proposition; it was a call to action to recognize and address the often neglected area of men’s health.

vajikarana offered by sukham

Our Purpose Fulfilled: The Ripple Effect

The ripple effect of our pitch on Shark Tank has been nothing short of extraordinary. We’ve seen an outpouring of support and love from people all over the country. The conversations we’ve sparked and the awareness we’ve raised have been incredibly rewarding. 

Here is some positive feedback that we have got throughout our journey, the testimonials we’ve received speak volumes about the impact we’ve made.

You can see the love and support we’ve garnered on our Instagram and engage with us on Quora where we continue the conversation about men’s wellness and Vajikarana therapy.

How It Has Impacted People

Our experience on Shark Tank India was transformative, not just for us but for the countless individuals who connected with our vision. We went there to do more than just pitch a business—we went to ignite a conversation and drive change. We want to achieve a society where men’s wellness is openly discussed and prioritised, where our products serve as tools for empowerment and better health. The response has been incredible, and it’s clear that we’ve touched the lives of many, inspiring them to take charge of their wellness journey.

how sukham has impacted people

Bottom Line

Sukham is writing this from the heart, sharing our first-hand experience. We’re not just another brand; we’re a movement. The brand continues to thrive, receiving a good response from customers who appreciate their focus on men’s health. Sukham’s story is a testament to the power of visibility and the impact of addressing the often-ignored aspects of wellness in the public domain.


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