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Chamkila and Sukham: Pioneers in Breaking Taboos Around Men’s Health


In the realm of Punjabi music, Amar Singh Chamkila is a name that resonates with boldness and the courage to speak the unspeakable. The recent biographical film on Netflix, titled “Amar Singh Chamkila,” chronicles the life of this iconic pop star duo, Amar Singh Chamkila and Amarjot Kaur. Directed by Imtiaz Ali, the movie delves into their journey through the vibrant music scene of the 1980s, marked by chart-topping hits and impactful social commentaries.

Chamkila’s songs were more than just melodies; they were narratives that boldly addressed social issues, often considered taboo. His lyrics touched on subjects that many avoided, bringing them to the forefront of public discourse. This fearless approach not only earned him fame but also stirred controversy and debate, much like the subjects he chose to sing about.


We at Sukham are on a mission to change the way men’s sexual health is talked about and cared for. Our journey is a lot like the songs of Amar Singh Chamkila, who was known for his daring lyrics. Both of us are here to shake things up and get people talking about things they might usually keep quiet about.

Chamkila’s Songs: A Tune of Truth

Chamkila’s Songs_ A Tune of Truth

Chamkila sang about real-life stuff, the things that happen behind closed doors but no one wants to talk about. His songs were catchy, but they also made you think. He wasn’t just a singer; he was a storyteller.

Drawing a parallel to Chamkila’s trailblazing path, Sukham emerges as a brand with a similar ethos in the domain of men’s health and intimacy. Just as Chamkila’s songs broke barriers in the music industry, we are here to shatter the taboos surrounding men’s sexual wellness. The brand’s pledge to provide an open and non-judgmental platform aligns perfectly with the spirit of Chamkila’s work. Sukham offers quality supplements, personalised counselling, and holistic wellness regimes, addressing issues like erectile dysfunction, fertility, and overall sexual health.

Sukham: Making Men’s Health a Priority

We’re here to help men look after their health without feeling awkward or embarrassed. We offer products and advice to help men feel their best. At Sukham, we believe that talking about sexual health should be as normal as talking about any other kind of health.

The Unchanged Taboo: Sex, Chamkila, and Sukham

The Unchanged Taboo_ Sex, Chamkila, and Sukham

Sex, a fundamental aspect of human existence, remains shrouded in taboo, much like it was during the times of Amar Singh Chamkila. Despite the evolution of society in various facets, the conversation around sex and sexual health continues to be met with discomfort and ridicule. This unchanged societal outlook mirrors the challenges faced by Chamkila, whose candid lyrics about sex and relationships stirred controversy yet sparked necessary conversations.

At Sukham, we confront these taboos head-on, just as Chamkila did through his music. Our mission is to normalise the discussion around men’s sexual health and provide solutions that are both respectful and effective. An employee at Sukham shares, “In our society, talking about sex is still frowned upon. But at Sukham, we’re working to change that narrative. We believe that a fulfilling sexual life is a key component of overall well-being, and we’re here to support that journey for every individual.”

Our founder’s experience reflects the cultural hesitancy surrounding this topic. “When I started working towards better sexual health solutions, it took me a month to decide what to tell my mom. It’s a testament to the deep-rooted stigma that even discussing the pursuit of sexual wellness can be daunting,” says Vivek Krishna, the visionary behind Sukham. This personal anecdote underscores the pervasive discomfort that still exists when it comes to sex and sexual health.

Sukham stands as a modern-day embodiment of Chamkila’s legacy, championing the cause of breaking down barriers and fostering open dialogue. We are committed to creating a world where seeking help for sexual health is as normal as seeking help for any other health concern. Through education, quality products, and empathetic support, we aim to empower individuals to embrace their sexual health without shame or fear, much like how Chamkila’s songs encouraged his listeners to embrace their truths.

From Music to Wellness: Breaking Down Walls

From Music to Wellness: Breaking Down Walls

The comparison between Chamkila’s revolutionary music and Sukham’s mission is evident in our shared commitment to bringing about change. We strive to normalise conversations that are often whispered about, if not silenced. Our approach to men’s wellness echoes Chamkila’s approach to music: direct, unapologetic, and transformative.

We’re not just a brand; we’re a movement. Like Chamkila’s music, we’re here to break down the walls of silence around men’s health. We tell men it’s okay to speak up, to ask questions, and to take care of themselves.


We’re proud to be like Chamkila in our own way. We encourage men to be open and honest about their health. With our products and Chamkila’s songs, we’re changing the way people think about men’s health. We’re making it easier for everyone to talk about it.

Just like Chamkila’s music, we at Sukham are here to help men live healthier and happier lives. We’re changing the game, one conversation and one product at a time.

In conclusion, the parallel between Chamkila’s revolutionary music and Sukham’s mission is clear: both strive to challenge the status quo and promote a more open and accepting society. As Chamkila’s music continues to resonate, we continue to innovate, making sure that the conversation around sexual health progresses, one step at a time.


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