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What are the Benefits of Sukham’s Ayurvedic Lube?

Lubricants, frequently seen as a subdued companion to intimacy, are essential for maximising enjoyment and guaranteeing comfort during intimate times. Here, we dig into the world of lubricants and see what makes Sukham’s Water-Based Ayurvedic Lube, a ground-breaking product. 

Ayurvedic Lube is India’s first All-Naturally formulated lube, with 21+ aphrodisiac herbs to elevate your pleasure and performance. Our Ayurvedic Lube is engineered for improved performance, created by doctors and experts, free of chemical additives or agents, and accessible with discreet doorstep delivery. 

Let’s read on to discover the unique benefits and advantages that Ayurvedic Lube offers, as well as a broader understanding of the significance of lubricants in enhancing your intimate moments.

The Ayurvedic Advantage

Crafted with care and expertise, our Ayurvedic lube showcases a fusion of ancient alchemy and modern science. Inspired by the revered Bhaisajya Ratnavali, our meticulous process transforms herbs into liquid extracts through steam distillation, aligning with Ayurvedic principles. These extracts are then seamlessly integrated into our formulation, which encompasses over 21+ natural ingredients, including aloe vera, Ashwagandha, Shatavari, etc. making the lube free from any potential side effects and harmful chemicals. 

a picture with stones and fire representing ayurveda

Key Benefits of Ayurvedic Lube

Let’s now read some of the specific advantages that these all-natural formulations offer, from heightened pleasure to soothing comfort.

Natural Lubrication

The lube provides a silky-smooth glide that minimizes friction. Our formula respects your body’s needs, avoiding unnecessary additives like fragrance, glycerin, alcohol and flavour, making it feel like natural lubrication. It is specifically designed to minimize discomfort caused by dryness during intimate moments, ensuring a more enjoyable experience.

natural lubrication depicted on hand

PH Balanced & Hypoallergenic

Ayurvedic Lube is carefully formulated to be pH balanced, which helps maintain the natural and desired state of the intimate area. This balance helps prevent irritation and discomfort. Additionally, Ayurvedic Lube is hypoallergenic, making it suitable for individuals with sensitive skin or allergies.

image of pH scale

Helps you Last Longer

The lube’s combination of aphrodisiac ingredients, such as Ashwagandha and Shatavari, helps boost endurance and vitality, allowing you to last longer and enjoy more satisfying sessions. Our carefully curated formula comprises over 21+ Ayurvedic ingredients, thoughtfully selected to enhance your experience and boost your libido.

a couple shown being intimate

Chemical Free & Non-Toxic

Unlike some lubricants that may contain harmful additives like lidocaine, paraben and benzocaine, our Ayurvedic Lube is consciously formulated without these substances. Our lube has undergone several lab tests including stability and dermatological tests to ensure quality and safety.

Chemical free and non-toxic

Topical Vasodilator

The Ayurvedic Lube facilitates the expansion of blood vessels in your penis which ensures optimal circulation during intimate moments. You are supported with stronger and longer-lasting erections and increased mobility.

hand with Ayurvedic Lube on it

Promoting Overall Wellness

Our lube takes a holistic approach to sexual wellness. They don’t just provide lubrication; they align with the principles of Ayurveda to ensure a satisfying and safe sexual experience.

Ayurvedic Lube vs. Conventional Lubricants

A discussion of lubes would be incomplete without comparing Ayurvedic Lube to synthetic or conventional lubricants. While conventional lubricants focus primarily on providing basic lubrication, our lube offers a holistic approach to sexual wellness.

Certifications for Quality

With approvals from both the FDA and the Ministry of Ayush, our lube guarantees safety and quality, a level of assurance often absent in many market lubes. Our commitment to making the best Ayurvedic lube in the country drove us to conduct extensive clinical tests, even when not mandated by any regulatory body. We believed in proving a point – that our Ayurvedic lube stands head and shoulders above the rest. Our tests covered crucial parameters such as Stability, Solid Content, Loss on Drying, Ash Content, pH, Microbial Purity, and Heavy Metal Testing.

Ayurvedic Lube poured on hand

Enhanced Sensitivity

Supporting transdermal vasodilation, our lube improves blood flow and sensitivity during intimate moments, a unique feature rarely found in synthetic alternatives.

a couple in bed

Edible with No Side Effects

Our Ayurvedic Lube is not only edible but also free from reported side effects, setting it apart as a worry-free choice for intimate pleasures, unlike certain synthetic lubes that may not be ingestible or safe.

fingers having Ayurvedic lube on it

Clinically Tested & Certified

Sukham Ayurvedic Lube undergoes rigorous clinical testing by accredited labs, ensuring its safety and efficacy. Many market lubes lack this level of testing and certification, leaving questions about their quality.

lab with test going on

Suitable for Toys and Anal Play

Our Ayurvedic Lube is specially designed to be safe with condoms, toys and anal play, expanding your options and experiences in the bedroom. This is a feature that some market lubes may not prioritize, limiting your choices for intimate activities.

a picture with sex toys


The difference between an Ayurvedic lube and mainstream alternatives is stark. While market lubes entice with a variety of flavours and fragrances, we advocate for keeping it natural. Anything natural is invariably the best. Natural intimacy enhances your pleasure, ensuring it feels like an extension of your own bodily functions. No other lubricant offers performance-enhancing properties combined with the goodness of herbs like Ashwagandha, Shatavari, and Ushira. No other product undergoes such rigorous testing to prove its worth.

Few companies are as dedicated to delivering the best products. Our formulations draw from ancient Ayurvedic wisdom, dating back 5,000 years, expertly blended with modern science to create our Water-based Ayurvedic Lube. It’s a harmonious fusion of tradition and modernity, setting new standards in intimate wellness.


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