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The Myths & Benefits of Masturbation

Bust the myths & understand the benefits of masturbation

For the longest time, self-pleasure has collected a plethora of viewpoints and beliefs. It is a necessary bodily function for male wellness that is not influenced by spiritual or religious beliefs, however, some individuals regard masturbation as a serious vice. Here, we will understand some of the intimate benefits of masturbation and also break the stereotypical myths around it. Read on to understand the myths & benefits of masturbation that have been going around for ages.

What is Masturbation?

It is the act of inducing an orgasmic climax in one’s genitalia. Masturbation can ease stress and relieve sexual tension and is healthy for male wellness. Additionally, it can promote rest, increase sexual satisfaction with close partners, and evoke utmost pleasure.

Who Engages in Masturbation?

Contrary to popular opinion, almost all men masturbate, and the results may come as a shock to many. Here are the exact percentages according to studies. 

Tenga’s study found that 88% of subjects had engaged in the practice. According to the results, 81 percent of the women who responded acknowledged masturbating, compared to 95 percent of the men who admitted to masturbating.

Furthermore, according to research by Indiana University, about 57% of straight men masturbate within one month. It’s time for people to understand that it is beneficial for everyone and, in particular, encourages male wellness in many ways.

Myths of Masturbation

For both single people and couples, masturbation is usually an essential component of a fulfilling sexual life. There are many misconceptions about its dangers, but none of them have been proven yet. The majority of masturbation-related claims lack scientific support.

man holding a banana showing masturbation

Some common myths include:


Nope, this is a complete myth! This fiction was created by conventional mindsets that believed masturbation to be ‘ungodly’ or ‘devilish’. This idea of it being bad for you blossomed out of a lack of knowledge & awareness in society.


Masturbation even on a regular basis is unlikely to have a significant impact on your fertility or otherwise. According to research, semen quality reaches its peak two to three days after the last ejaculation. However, other research indicates that even with everyday ejaculation, men with good sperm quality can retain normal sperm motility and concentrations.

Erection Problems

It’s a common misconception that excessive masturbation might lead to Erectile Dysfunction (ED). When you are unable to achieve or sustain an erection, ED occurs. This is an urban legend having no basis in reality. Erectile dysfunction is a major problem in men, and a simple natural act will not cause it.

Hairy Palms 

No, stimulating your genitals will not make your palms bushy. Isn’t that obvious? It is impossible to grow hair on your palm due to the absence of hair follicles. Only people with the rare condition called hairy dysembryoplasia of palms have follicles on their palms that enable them to grow. 

Mental Disorder

Some individuals think that it might lead to some serious mental health problems, however, this is an old myth that science has debunked a long time ago. However, it is possible for sadness to impact how a man thinks about sex and masturbation.

Relationship Trouble

Some couples fear that if one of them masturbates, their relationship must be unsatisfying; however, that is also a big myth. People enjoy masturbating for a variety of reasons, and it has nothing to do with their relationship status! If you enjoy giving yourself a hand job, make sure you read the next part.

Benefits of Masturbation

Masturbation has been shown to offer a number of benefits. The increase in intimacy with yourself is one of the key benefits, along with improved sexual health. Exploring your body, before exploring someone else’s, can boost your confidence & make you feel empowered. This also helps you understand your inclinations & desires. 

Here are some Key Facts and Benefits related to it: 

  1. Masturbation aids in avoiding teen pregnancy as well as the prevention of highly contagious diseases like STIs and HIV.
  2. It provides better sleep and helps in the relaxation of the mind and body.
  3. It is also a powerful way to release the sexual tension that gives people the confidence to explore their sexuality.
  4. Masturbation releases neurotransmitters that resemble opiates, which makes men feel good about their mental and physical health.
  5. It also helps in alleviating pain and improves the overall experience of having sex.

Is Excess Masturbation a Problem?

Masturbating in excess drains a lot of your energy. From a medical point of view, it may negatively impact you if done too frequently, which is, more than once a day. There are side effects attached to it like fatigue, drowsiness, weakened pelvis, etc. Masturbating in excess can also become a habit that prevents you from wholly experiencing real-life pleasures with your partner. 


As the saying goes, Too much of anything is bad. Similar to this, excessive self-pleasure is detrimental to men’s health. On a brighter note, it is completely healthy and beneficial for men’s sexual and physical well-being if done in moderation. Masturbation may be much more than just a source of pleasure & self-gratification for male wellness. It is also a major release for men suffering silently due to anxiety & other mental health issues. For more intimacy and sexual health-related content, follow


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